What I Mean When I Say Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is Okay

It doesn’t mean that I condone acts against those who are underage. Or those who do not, or are unable to consent to what is happening to them. Don’t try to mask the wrongness of these acts by covering it in kink.

I mean that you consent to activities I might not. Maybe you like watersports. Maybe you’re a furry or a little.

It probably means that I’m curious though. I want to know why those things work for you. But I’m also aware that the reasons behind what we do aren’t always easy. Sometimes, it’s just what feels good. And that’s okay.

I can’t explain why I like pain. Or rope. What I can do is describe the catharsis that comes from a heavy pain scene. Or how rope gives me something physical to fight against instead of depression, anxiety, or other frustrations.

And I can empathize. Because who am I to say that the things that work for me are the things that should work for everyone?

I don’t have to like your kink – I legit don’t understand the fascination some people have with feet, for example. But how can I judge while I’m sitting over here hoping you don’t judge me for liking fire play or knife play?

All I’m interested in is consent.


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