Excerpt – Chapter 20

Why yes, this is one of those times when I had someone specific in mind for a character.

“Oh my god – it is you!” Gina shrieked as she approached. “I can’t believe it – we’ve always wondered what ever happened to you! God, your hair looks great – did you cut it since I saw you last or was it always that length?” Her voice carried easily over the din of the room. I smiled as widely as I could and hugged her, but I didn’t have a chance to answer her before she was talking excitedly again. She looked up at Seth – her own husband was about his height so she was used to looking up. “I don’t remember this tall drink of water though,” she said.

“Gina, this is my Sir Seth,” I said. I looked at Seth and said, “Gina runs the group I used to go to.”

“Well, we do value all our volunteers,” she said brightly. “I don’t do it alone.”

Backed Into a Hand


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